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Catering Masterclass With The "Million Dollar Caterer" 

Catering Masterclass
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A Few Words From Happy Clients With Big Results: 

“Did our largest catering event for 800 people on April 2nd, and word of mouth and Michael’s 
techniques have the phone ringing off the hook. Booked two outdoor
weddings, and a business gathering. Additionally we now have 11 events booked at the New Hotel 
Convention Center where Michael Thibault helped us get a Wholesale Catering Contract and they are 
not even open yet. These functions total over $40,000.00 in sales.”
Bruce & Catherine Goode Adventures Restaurant and Pub Rice Lake, WI
“Catering sales up 87% in first 6 months!”
I couldn’t believe how easy it was to take the techniques and templates provided in this system 
and use them for my own catering business. The marketing information is like gold. I used two of 
the techniques from the Quick Start Guide, and in 6 months, our sales were up over 87%! We are 
heading for a record year, and I still have more marketing ideas to implement!- Len Ruggiero, Mother Marys Pizza, CA

 I own a 150-seat restaurant that does about $6500,000 a year in sales. There got a point where I figured if I wanted to grow my sales I would have to buy another one. I took your class and now I also have three wholesale contracts worth about $735,000 a year! And those are very profitable with a profit margin of 32.5%.
If you do the math, I have increased my sales by 150% without a dime in capital outlay. I am making five times the profit we were three years- ago.Bill Laube, Pleasanton Hotel
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