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For Restaurant Owners Who Want To START Or Expand High Profit Catering From Their Restaurant With $0 Added Expense

About your instructor:

Michael Thibault is known as "The Million Dollar Caterer." He built a $3 Million Dollar a year catering business from scratch using these exact strategies and techniques from his restaurant. Since 2002 he has trained over 3,000+ restaurant owners on how to build Massive Catering Empires from their restaurants.   
Online Masterclass With 
"The Million Dollar Caterer"- 
Michael Thibault 
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Here's What You'll Learn During This Live Masterclass:
  • How to Add a Highly Profitable Catering Operation to Your Restaurant with ZERO Costs
  • ​Free Marketing Strategies that Attract High-Paying Catering Clients
  • ​How to Run an Auto-Pilot Catering Operation that produces a 61% Profit Margin
  • ​How to secure a Catering Kitchen for FREE
  • ​The one technique that drops an iron-cage around your best catering clients so they never order from anyone else
  • ​Creating a Catering Income Faucet that you can turn on and off when YOU want
  • ​The #1 Online Marketing Strategy that gets you catering orders for less than $3 without a commission fee

    And These $3209 In 
    Bonuses for FREE

    • My "Million Dollar Catering" Brochure Template (Value $197)
    • ​My Million Dollar Catering Blueprint (Value $297)
    • ​Catering Sales Tracking Excel (Value $47)
    • ​Winning Catering Proposal Templates (Value $397)
    • ​The Iron-Cage "Thank You" Follow Up Referral System (Value $97)
    • ​Catering Menu Templates (Value $347)
    • ​2 Lead Generating Catering Reports You Can Add To Your Website (Value $597)
    • ​"Buffet In a Box" Template (Value $97)
    • ​Wedding Catering Social Media Ads and Emails (Value $397)
    • ​A 30-Minute One On One Catering Consultation with Me, The Million Dollar Caterer (Value $997+)
    This comprehensive online training course will give 
    you the proven strategies, valuable insights, and 
    effective tools needed to start, grow, and expand your 
    restaurant's operations into the extremely
    lucrative world of catering.

    Your Course Modules Include:

    Building Your Catering Profit Machine From Your Restaurant

    If you have a catering operation now, or if you are starting from scratch we will cover exactly what you need and how to build a High-Profit catering division from your restaurant. And how to do it for $0 cost. Catering is your choice-theme, location, pick up, drop off, customized to fit your existing business and lifestyle.  

    Marketing Your Catering Business

    We will create a comprehensive marketing plan together. On how to get an avalanche of leads with referrals, repeat business, and the internet. Google, social media, your website, and more. And how to generate highly targeted, profitable new clients for less than $3 each. The ones that YOU want to work with. Not ones that are constantly trying to beat you up on price. 

    Mastering the Art of Catering Operations

    We will cover where to find, attract, and train the best catering staff for your business. Equipment, locations, and where to find additional kitchen facilities, if you need them. We'll create a catering system that you can put on auto-pilot without you, personally having to work every weekend. 

    How to Scale Up on Your Timeline

    Want to add hundreds of thousands of dollars in catering sales next year? Or add a few thousand a month, this course is designed to fit your capacity, lifestyle, and income needs. We'll show you how to grow as fast or controlled as you want.   

    Join us on this exciting journey as we help you transform your restaurant into a highly profitable catering powerhouse. Register today and begin realizing the income potential in your catering operations!
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